Collared: Archie

Brad Kressman adopted Archie from Greyhound Pets of America ( just a few weeks ago. Formerly known as SB's Poker, 21/2-year old Archie ran more than 30 races in Florida before retiring in September. He's now being spoiled rotten in Nottingham, where Kressman says he "is first in our hearts." "We love Archie because of his gentle and affectionate nature," says Kressman. He expected an ex-racer to experience a bit of a transition period from track to home but says that didn't happen -- Archie is laid-back and gentle, and settled right in with the family with no problems. Greyhound rescue groups say that's not unusual, and that the dogs are known for being gentle giants once they retire from racing. "He likes to take my daughter's stuffed animals from her room, one by one, back to his bed," Kressman says, and the dog has become quite a snuggler. "He also whimpers on walks at the park when a person does not stop and pet him." -- Kim Fernandez, For The Baltimore Sun
Christopher T. Assaf, Baltimore Sun photo
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