Collared: Ike

NAME: Ike BREED: Boston Terrier AGE: Almost 2 HOME: Roland Park OWNER: Renee McJilton HOW WE MET: A friend of mine had a Boston Terrier I was crazy about; I decided I needed one of my own. Ike is from a breeder in Westminster. WEIGHT: 33 pounds, he's a big boy! BEST TRICK: Standing on hind legs, and walking across the room for chicken jerky. He's funny! FAVORITE FOOD: Cheetos -- crunchy, not puffed. FAVORITE ACTIVITY: Going to the dog park and running with the pack. FUNNIEST MOMENT: Getting in the driver's seat, standing up and beeping the horn incessantly, while waiting at the bank. Guess I was taking too long! I knew it was him. DIVINE INTERVENTION: Ike is the boss! Since the day I brought him home, he runs my life. I certainly got my money's worth. Boston Terriers are exceptional. IF IKE HAD A MOTTO, IT WOULD BE: Be fearless; drive the car if I could.
Handout photo
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