Bil-Jac's solution-based treats: One Baltimore dog's review

The Baltimore Sun

Chi-Chi and the other dogs in his family, have been long-time testers for Unleashed. The energetic Chihuahua loves toys and there's not much he won't do for a treat.

So when we got Bil-Jac's new "Solution-based" treats that promise to target either a dog's coat, brain or immune system -- and they were small treats just right for a little mouth like Chi-Chi's -- we sent all three varieties right over.

The treats are widely available and retail for about $2.50 for a 4 oz. bag.

Chi-Chi and Lori, his person's, review:

I will begin with the disclaimer that Chi-Chi loves to eat. Truth be told, there isn't much he won't eat. These treats were no exception.

Chi-Chi was asked to review Bil-Jac's line of treats targeted to specific purposes. Smart Defense contains real blueberries that have nutrients to help support the immune system; Brilliant Bites claims to help nourish and replenish the skin and coat; and Noggin Nuggets claims to nourish the brain and support the immune system, and support brain function.

Once the bags were opened, Chi-Chi was clearly interested in what he could do to have more than the one at a time as I was dolling out. But even the Noggin Nuggets didn't make his brain figure that out any quicker.

The bottom line is he LOVED them but that's not a surprise.

As a dog owner I am a fan of the Bil-Jac treats. In the past I have bought the regular non-targeted treats and feel good about feeding them to the dogs. All of these treats have chicken and chicken liver as their first two ingredients and then the extra vitamins and supplements, depending on the purpose. The treats themselves all looked the same. Chi-Chi did not seem to prefer one over the other. He thought they were all tasty.

The treats have the same look and feel as the original Bil-Jac treats. I don't know that I would normally buy these over the original ones as Chi-Chi does not really have a deficit in the target areas. Do these treats give Chi-Chi a better coat; health; and make him smarter? Only time will tell....

The Verdict: As a regular tasty treat to reward your dog we give these 4 paws.

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