Maryland Zoo hosts online voting on name of newborn giraffe

Direct democracy: Vote on name of Maryland Zoo's newborn giraffe.

Choosing the perfect name for anyone, let alone a baby giraffe, can prove difficult. Thus, The Maryland Zoo in Baltimore is asking for the public to weigh in this week, voting on a name for its newborn giraffe, born just two weeks ago.

While the 6'1" nameless calf has been bonding behind the scenes with her first-time mother Juma, the Giraffe House animal care team has been brainstorming fitting names for the public to choose from. The names in the online poll include:

  • Imara (ee-MAH-rah): “means strong, resolute in Swahili”
  • Safara (sah-FAR-ah): “a name of African origin, which means fire”
  • Willow: “because willow trees are slender and graceful, like the newborn calf”
  • Ruby: “because she’s a rare and precious gem”
  • Opal: “a name from Sanskrit literally meaning ‘jewel’”
  • Dottie “because she has a dark dot positioned just above each hoof”

Voting is open now through 8 a.m. Thursday on the zoo’s website. Voters can submit their choice once per day. The winning name will be announced later this week.

To cast your vote, click here.

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