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When is a kid too old for trick-or-treating?

For The Baltimore Sun

Liz Atwood writes:

Last year, my boys told me they were too old for trick or treating. This year, they suddenly seem interested in Halloween again. The 16-year-old is trying to decide what villain he would like to be. He has narrowed it down Gollum from "Lord of the Rings" or the Batman nemesis Bane. The 11-year-old wants to be the hooded slasher from Assassin's Creed.

Besides being underwhelmed with their character choices, I'm wondering if they are too old for trick-or-treating. Some towns limit trick-or-treating to kids 12 and under.  When teenagers show up at my door, I can't help feeling like they are trying to extort candy from me in exchange for not throwing eggs on my car or wrapping my shrubs in toilet paper.

Do you think there should be an age limit to trick-or-treating? Do you give candy to teens? Do you dare not?

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