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Tween Tuesday: Finding herself among the trees

Special to The Baltimore Sun

To what heights would you go to make your child happy? Earlier this month, I found myself 20 feet in the air as I took my tween on an climbing and zipline course in Sandy Springs. I offered to treat him and a few friends to the outing for his 11th birthday, but I had no intention of participating myself. I expected to be on the ground, taking pictures and toting the water bottles. But once we were there, the boys asked me to join them and ... well, it looked like too much fun to refuse.

The courses ranged in difficulty, and my climbing skills matched my skiing skills so I stayed on the easy trails. Even then, we found it a challenge to navigate the ladders, bridges and wires as we moved among the trees. More than a few times, I had to lend my motherly encouragement to my son as he grew tired and doubted his abilities.

I wasn’t sure whether he liked it or not, but the next day, he said he did.

Before I had children, I always thought the best thing about having kids would be to relive the fun of childhood. I guess there are a few other benefits, but I still think taking time to play is one of them. I’m sure that if I hadn’t had my son, I would never have climbed to the tops of trees.

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