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My favorite Mother's Day gift

The Baltimore Sun

It was an embarrassment of riches for me this Mother's Day, I'm not going to lie. All I really wanted was to spend time with my husband and our sons -- and to get a picture of me with the boys. I take the vast majority of the pictures in our household, but I don't appear in that many of them.

I got all of that and more, including waffles for breakfast, my favorite Thai food for dinner, farmer's market cupcakes for dessert, a card on whose envelope my 3-year-old wrote "Mommy" all by himself.

But by far my favorite keepsake is this photo I took of my husband and boys when I was getting the camera ready so he could get pics of me and the boys. That look of utter adoration on Isaac's face -- and his tight grip on his dad's arm -- I mean, seriously. How awesome is that?

(And it's a little better than the one my husband got of me rolling my eyes at Isaac when he went into histrionics a few minutes later at the idea that he needed to stay still for pictures. Whoops. OK, that one's pretty priceless too.)

If you were celebrating, how was your Mother's Day?

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