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Moms Pump Here: A resource for nursing moms

Danielle's "gift" to me on Mother's Day weekend was calling it quits on nursing.

Mornings were the final frontier and she politely declined me both mornings. (Sniff, sniff.) So, I guess I get my body back, and at least it happened gradually and naturally. Plus, there was no biting involved in our final nursing sessions, so it didn't end on a sour note.

For fellow mommies still in the nursing and pumping lifestyle, here's a great new resource: Moms Pump Here.

After my recent post about retiring my breast pump after 12 months, I got a message from Kim Harrison. She and a friend have created an online community for pumping moms called -- what else? -- Moms Pump Here. The goal is to help moms find and rate places to use their breast pumps. The state-by-state database uses GPS, so it can be accessed using smartphones.

Kim and Moms Pump Here cofounder Priya Nembhard are working to build up the site's database, so check it out and add places you've found to be pump-friendly.

If you've pumped for any length of time, you've probably got some insight.

Thinking back…

I've pumped in my office at the Baltimore Sun.

I've pumped while vacationing at Deep Creek Lake.

I've pumped in the car stuck in traffic on the Bay Bridge (hubby was driving!).

I've pumped in between a friend's wedding ceremony and reception while sitting in the car in Baltimore.

I've pumped sitting in the parking lot of a winery in Harford County in between conducting interviews for a story.

My sister-in-law and I pumped sitting on opposite ends of the bed in a hotel room at our brother-in-law's wedding. Bonus: The room had a mini-fridge with a freezer compartment!

It's those types of details Kim and Priya are hoping to collect and share on their site.

And, come to think of it, if I'd known about Moms Pump Here earlier, I might not have resorted to pumping in the car so many times. In case you're wondering: Not comfortable, you feel like a goon, plus the added worry of spilling the milk!

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