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Elmo's song: The soundtrack to my life

"This is the song. La la la la. Elmo's song."

More like: This is the song. La la la la. Always in my head.

One day several weeks ago, I was attempting to trim Danielle's fingernails (since she doesn't fall asleep in my arms any longer) and I decided to Google "Sesame Street video" to find something to distract her from squirming.

Enter "Elmo's Song."

Ever since, Dani has been clamoring for more and more of the video. Any adult goes near a computer in my house and she's on them immediately -- arms up, hopeful look on her face. The computer, you see, is solely a vehicle for watching Elmo. It serves no other purpose. If I leave my laptop laying around, she pats it with her hand saying "Elmo?" When Elmo/laptop has to go "bye-bye," there are usually tears.

We limit the number of times she can watch Sesame songs, for everyone's benefit.

I do enjoy Sesame's "Counting to 4" song featuring Feist. But it's really Elmo's Song that sticks with me.

If you see me out and about -- pumping gas, driving, grocery shopping, jogging -- and I'm not overtly singing or humming it aloud, rest assured it's playing in my head.

As of this writing, the YouTube video has 92,061,854 views. By the time Danielle is done with it, expect double that!

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