Piano Dust Buster 2 app

This top-rated music app for ages 4 and up combines piano lessons and gaming to make learning music fun. With a wide range of songs from the Beach Boys to Beethoven, kids help Granny dust off the keyboard by playing the correct notes before the “dust mites” hit the keys, collecting points and bonuses in the app’s “jukebox mode.”

Choose the touch screen option to play a virtual 3D keyboard right on your iPad. Or play on a real piano while propping up the iPad above the keyboard. The app senses the music being played; no wires or adapters necessary. Players are given real-time feedback on their timing and accuracy. As kids advance through the levels, their sight-reading and coordination improve as the difficulty increases.

When they’re ready to take their piano skills public, the app’s “concert mode” allows them to compete against their friends and players around the world. Free for iPad, iPhone. For more information visit joytunes.com/piano.

— Abigail Green, For The Baltimore Sun

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