I went to Exhale Spa, where they're known for their high intensity yoga and core fusion classes. But I went to check out a treatment that claims you can get a workout in without ever breaking a sweat. It's called the Power Body De-Tox, and she followed Shaniqua Estes as she came in for her appointment. She says she immediately noticed results after the first treatment. "The first time I did the Power Body De-Tox, I put on my workout clothes and I didn't have to have that struggle that I do sometimes," she said.

Lisa Dewitt, Assistant Spa Manager for Exhale Spa, says the Power Body De-Tox is a 60 minute therapy; it's really aimed at de-toxifying the body, but it will also help smooth the skin, reduce the appearance of cellulite, leaving skin firm and tone, and you'll notice after the the ray you're clothes fit a little better.

How it works is the therapist first puts clay down on a mat; clay works as the conductor for electrodes that are placed under the body. And then the client lays down on the mat, followed by another layer of clay and electrodes, kind of like an electrical clay sandwich.

Therapist Holly Henderson explains, "The electrodes, what they do, is they actually stimulate the muscles so when you feel the buzzing, the muscles are contracting." And while you relax and enjoy a calming spa experience, the electric current is doing some serious work on your muscles.

The feeling is like pins and needles, but Shaniqua explains, "I like the sensation; it's sort of like a workout without really having to do it, my stomach contracting on its own."

Many of the de-tox clients come in because they're looking to shed a few extra pounds. But don't expect a miracle. Lisa Dewitt says, "If you're trying to get into that dress, or those little jeans, it's a great combination with whatever else you're doing in diet and exercise."

You won't notice a big difference on the scale; you'll lose mostly water weight, but exhale experts say the de-tox treatment is more about how you'll feel. They say you're going to feel the effects for 48 hours; you're going to feel the detoxification, you're going to feel less bloated, you're going to have more energy. What did Shaniqua think? Was the $180 therapy worth it? Here's what she said. "I feel really rejuvenated. There's a lot of bloating that I get sometimes, but I do feel a lot lighter in the tummy area; that's the place I try to target when I come in."

So maybe the next time you head to the spa you'll want to try something to get a slim new you; or maybe you'd rather just shed some stress, the good old-fashioned way.