Packages can run anywhere from $2,000 for a 65-inch television with "smart" features to just over $10,000 for a 120-inch screen, state-of-the-art projector and top-quality surround sound, according to Hudkins.

As television manufacturers have battled one another to release newer, better models, prices have "trailed down," which has increased the affordability of the product, according to Luskin.

"In the next year you are going to see a greater volume of big-screen televisions and projectors, which will bring down prices," he said. "They've improved their brightness. The graininess is not there. The screens have gotten much better."

5 entertainment trends

Matching credenzas: They're perfect for housing all the bells and whistles that go along with your larger-than-life flat-screen TV. "They make a neat, complete, custom look," according to Kevin Luskin, owner of the Big Screen Store.

Multipurpose entertainment centers: More customers are using their home theaters as a multimedia center with cloud-based services and a docking area for hand-held devices. "In the future there will be a shift away from Blu-rays to a pay-per-view model," says Sean Weiner, president of Starr Systems Design in Baltimore. "All of your music content, movies and television will come from some type of subscription service."

Movie theater experience: Retailers suggest purchasing plush leather chairs that rival those found in movie theaters for optimal watching.

3-D television: Although some models are already in stores, retailers predict that the technology will be perfected within the next five to 10 years.

Clean speaker systems: These are virtually transparent and replace the tower speakers of the past. "There is a lot of sleek, built-in, nonintrusive technology," according to Luskin.

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