"It's definitely a spectacular house," said Isabelle Gournay, an associate professor in the School of Architecture at the University of Maryland, College Park, who viewed color images of the property. "It does seem to match its site."

Gournay, one of the lead researchers on a groundbreaking study of the modern movement in Maryland sponsored by the Maryland Historical Trust, said the house is notable in the context of 20th-century architecture.

"It reminds me of the famous glass house," she said, speaking of the home in New Canaan, Conn., built in the 1940s by architect Philip Johnson.

Gournay said glass houses became more popular after World War II and the use of glass as a building material has continued to evolve.

"Now you've got all kinds of glass," she said. "The ones built after World War II had a single pane of glass. Today, there are lots of improvements, including filters that reduce the glare and UV rays. It's really quite advanced."

Baltimore's Rita St. Clair created the interior design for the house all those years ago.

"Everything was done with the idea of parties and entertaining," she said. "I designed the Jacuzzi, fireplace, and the kitchen. We still have the original drawings."

In keeping with the home's contemporary feel, St. Clair kept furnishings sophisticated, and most colors neutral. There was well-placed art, too.

While most of the furnishings are no longer in the house, she remains proud of the way it turned out and its stunning overall appearance. "It was absolutely beautiful."

Robb Merritt has fond memories, as well. He hopes that whoever ends up with the house will cherish it as much as his father did.

"We'd go there for the Fourth of July and other holidays and barbeque. My father enjoyed it, and so did we. It was a very serene, relaxing place. It made him happy."

Live auction info

The auction is being conducted by Concierge Auctions on May 6. The property is available daily for preview between 1 p.m. and 4 p.m. and by appointment. For more information visit glasshouseauction.com or call 877-214-3785.