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Design Q&A: Stephanie Bradshaw

What are some quick tips to adopt an autumnal theme into your home?

First, think pumpkins and gourds: Use them as decor, but consider other colors than traditional jack o'lantern. Shades of white, cool soft greens and oranges will say autumn in a more subtle way.

Also consider shopping the grocery store: Pears, squash and nuts make a great fall cornucopia. Use a textured basket or tray and pile them high for an instant centerpiece.

Don't overlook your own backyard as a source: Bring in colorful branches and mix them with seasonal blooms. You can find an inexpensive fall mix at your local florist. Consider several small arrangements throughout your space/home rather than one big container. A bloom or two mixed with fall foliage in the powder room or on a bedside table brings the season throughout your entire home.

Stephanie Bradshaw is owner of Bradshaw Styling. You can reach her at Bradshaw Styling, 443-421-1452, http://www.bradshawstyling.com. Do you have an interior design question for our experts? Email us at homes@baltsun.com.

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