Stephanie Bradshaw

The Missoni collection at Target is the largest designer collection in the history of the store. Stephanie Bradshaw of Bradshaw Styling is pictured with several of the products. (Algerina Perna, Baltimore Sun / September 13, 2011)

You came, you saw, you bought everything. Now how do you incorporate those Missoni pieces into your existing home décor?

The Missoni Collection crashed Target's website in a matter of seconds. Within 20 minutes of stores opening, the women's wear line was almost completely sold out. Soon customers were lined up at the check-out aisles, their carts overflowing with merchandise baring the Italian designer's unmistakable zigzag pattern.

They came, they saw, they bought everything. Fans of Missoni cleared out the store displays, leaving many others waiting for Target to be restocked. Good luck with that.

But if you're one of those lucky shoppers who managed to lay a hand on the luxury brand's limited-edition collection of home goods, ranging from bedding to dinnerware to picture frames, you may be wondering how to incorporate those bold pieces into your existing home decor.

Baltimore interior designer and stylist Stephanie Bradshaw suggested adding from the collection one piece at a time.

"There were some select pieces that I really liked," said Bradshaw, who owns Bradshaw Styling. "But I wouldn't want my room to look like I bought the entire Target line."

Tell that to the customer who left the Target in Cockeysville with four carts full of Missoni merchandise totaling more than $4,000.

"She said that she spent $1,100 on one Missoni scarf, she might as well spend that money on this entire collection," said Anitra Washington, executive team leader of guest experiences at the Target on York Road.

The collection, which featured more than 400 pieces for fashion and home, ranges in price from $2.99 to $599.99, with most items less than $40. The collaboration, which will be available through Oct. 22, marked the largest collection ever in the history of the national retailer.

"Our past collections don't even compare to this," said Washington, in reference to the shopping frenzy her store experienced Sept. 13, the day of the collection's unveiling.

"People were lined up at 8 a.m. Someone was literally pushing on the doors. They went straight to women's [wear]. They cleaned that out within 20 minutes. People were running for shoes. Some were running for home [goods]."

Within hours, most of the Missoni collection was completely gone in Cockeysville and at other Targets around the region. Officials for the company, based in Minneapolis, Minn., have said that stores will be restocked with certain merchandise, but not an entire restock of the collection.

Nonetheless, Bradshaw said the piecemeal approach fits perfectly with what her customers want.

"Our designs are very eclectic anyway," she said. "They are more statement pieces. You don't want your room to look like it exploded with Missoni."

Contrary to popular belief, Bradshaw said that it won't be hard to incorporate Missoni's iconic zigzags into your current home décor.

"Mixing and matching patterns is really trendy," she said. "We're doing it in fashion and home décor."

When incorporating the Missoni look, Bradshaw suggests following a color palette consisting of no more than three hues.

"Stay within the color palette," she said. "If you mix and match within the color trio you'll be fine."

Bradshaw checked out the collection and selected some of her favorite Missoni for Target pieces, offering tips on how to use them in your home.