"It's really great to have a place to come home and work," Katie says. "They gave us each our own space. That's something that's been nice. ... We're not interrupting each other."

Spencer says he was impressed by how well the team understood what they wanted. "They really took some time to understand how we were going to use the space," Spencer notes. "They really customed-crafted one for us."

Katie says she appreciates the cabinets that allow them to keep their files organized and out of view yet still easy to access.

Spencer says he likes being able to work and still catch games on television.

The only one in the family who might not like the makeover is Gadget, who no longer can play with loose electric cords.

"I think he's a little disappointed," Katie says.

Home office success

IKEA designer Robin Bach offers these tips for successful home office makeovers.

Organize and hide computer, printer, phone and television cords. Power strips can be tucked in shelves under desks and cords can be concealed along baseboards.

Install various lighting that can be customized to the task, including desk lamps, floor lamps and accent lighting.

Select comfortable chairs for clients so they won't mind long meetings.