Can I eat the tomatoes from plants that have blight?

Special to The Baltimore Sun

Question:I think my tomato plants are dying of late blight, the big problem disease this year. Can I eat the tomatoes that are on the plants?

Answer: Please pull the entire plant out of the ground right away. You can pick the tomatoes and let them finish ripening off the vine. Flavor will not be affected. Late blight is the same disease that once caused the great potato famine in Ireland. Please do not delay pulling your diseased plants. Place in a plastic bag and "bake" in the sun for a few days before putting it in the trash. Do NOT compost it. See our publication, "Late Blight of Potato and Tomato."


Divide and transplant clumps of overcrowded perennials that have dead unsightly centers.

Protect plants from vole gnawing by keeping mulch several inches away from the trunk or base.

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