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How can I keep Daddy Longlegs out of my home?

Special to The Baltimore Sun

Question: Suddenly I see spiders in my house, especially Daddy longlegs. This happens every fall. How do I stop them?

Answer: Actually, Daddy longlegs aren't spiders. Both have two body parts but Daddy longlegs appear to have only one. However, both are drawn to warmth in fall, just like us. And both are excellent predators and work to our advantage keeping pest insect populations in check. Avoid killing them whenever possible. To prevent them from joining you for the winter, maintain tight-fitting screens, weather strip around doors and windows, and seal cracks and crevices. Discourage them from breeding too near the home by removing trash, leaves, piles of lumber, bricks, etc. adjacent to outside walls. Knock down indoor webs with a broom. For more information see our online publication.

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