What are your tips for clearing ground?

Special to The Baltimore Sun

Question:We will be clearing a lot of ground this spring. Do you have information on that?

Answer:Try to leave as many desirable native plants as you can. For help identifying what you have, send us digital photos through our website's "Send A Question" feature. When you create bare or disturbed soil on slopes, have a plan to prevent erosion on sloped area. You don't want to lose your topsoil. Volunteer plants will move in unless you fill cleared space quickly with mulch or desirable plants. You may get some good native volunteers, but you don't want invasive or weedy plants. Be ready to remove them if they appear. We can help you identify those, too. For more information, see our online publications under Chesapeake Bay & Home Landscapes and also Weeds, Invasives & Pest Alerts.

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