Troika Gallery

The name stands for the three women artists who own this gallery, which represents 34 artists from all over the U.S. All the artwork here is original traditional fine art. In the back of the gallery, you'll find the studio, where - most likely - you'll find at least one of the owner artists at work, often doing commissioned portraiture. Owner-artist Laura Era was commissioned to paint this new oil on linen version of "First Reading of the Emancipation Proclamation by President Lincoln," painted by Francis B. Carpenter in 1864. This version ($25,000) includes "unrecognized Cabinet member" Anna Ella Carroll, whose chair was painted as empty in the original - which hangs in the Capitol building in Washington. Troika Gallery is at 9 S. Harrison St., Easton. Call 410-770-9190 or go to
Sloane Brown, Baltimore Sun
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