Pineapple sage

Salvia elegans When most plants are going dormant, pineapple sage peaks. In late summer to early fall this herb produces spikes of bright, red, tubular flowers which are hummingbird and butterfly magnets. Foliage is light green, fuzzy, and has a pineapple fragrance when touched. Crushed leaves can be used to flavor teas and drinks. Flowers are edible, too, and can be used in salads and desserts. Grow pineapple sage in herb gardens, beds, borders, and containers. It has an open, airy growth habit to about 3 feet. Pinch to keep bushier. Plant in spring after danger of frost in full sun with well drained soil. This perennial herb is grown as an annual in our area. Propagate by taking cuttings in the summer. -Marian Hengemihle, Special to the Baltimore Sun
Photo by Marian Hengemihle, Special to The Baltimore Sun
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