Beards blossom in Baltimore

Irene Donnelly and her colleagues at Local Color Flowers, a floral design firm in Baltimore owned by Ellen Frost, were looking for a way to let clients know they do more than wedding flowers and Mother's Day bouquets with their locally grown flowers. So, she thought, why not "wear" flowers? "I thought it would be interesting to incorporate flowers with men somehow," said Donnelly. "And I knew a bunch of guys with beards." That was the beginning of "Baltimore Beards," four local musicians, artists and business owners who sat still while the designers found a way to transform their beards into unique floral creations. "They ended up being really into it," she said. The designers used eyelash glue - safe and non-toxic - where they could not weave the flowers into the beards. "People love it," she said. "They think it is crazy. We just wanted to have fun and reach a larger audience about flowers." - Susan Reimer, The Baltimore Sun
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