In the event demand exceeds supply, Maryland growers said, there's always the well-established agriculture infrastructure to fall back on. Big pumpkin-producing states such as Ohio, Illinois and Michigan regularly truck their bounty to supermarkets and farm stands in this region.

Besides, selling all you have is good business, said Baugher's manager Cheryl Vural.

"We're supposed to be done at the end," she said. "After Nov. 1, pumpkins kind of lose their appeal."

Pumpkin-picking advice

•Select a pumpkin that is orange all over and check to make sure the stem is strong.

•Avoid pumpkins with soft spots or cracks and check for bugs.

•If the pumpkin is to become a jack-o-lantern, make sure it has a flat bottom.

•Medium pumpkins are best for carving; smaller ones are best for cooking.

•University of Maryland Extension has a list of markets and pick-your-own locations at