Salisbury area homes with tainted wells to get public water

State and federal officials announced Friday they were providing $8 million to pipe clean public water to 270 homes near Salisbury where a toxic solvent has contaminated the ground water supplying residential wells there.

Authorities installed water filtration systems in 2012 on 40 homes in the Morris Mill area that were discovered to have high levels of trichloroethylene. Another 18 homes with lower but still elevated levels have been supplied bottled water. Officials say they don't know who dumped the solvent there, but believe it is not continuing. Work will begin in August to extend water service to the area from a nearby town, Fruitland, with completion expected in 2015.

The project is being financed with a pair of $3 million grants from the Maryland Department of the Environment and the U.S. Department of Agriculture, with another $2 million in low-interest loans from USDA.

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