Greenpeace ship visits B'more

There's a new ship in the harbor - at least for another day.  Rainbow Warrior III, the signature vessel of Greenpeace, cruised into Baltimore Monday on its maiden voyage to the United States. 

It's the third ship to bear that name - the first was allegedly bombed by the French Navy in 1985, and its successor was retired last August.  This 190-foot baby was designed and built to the environmental group's specs, and they say it's the greenest thing afloat. 

See for yourself, if you'd like. It's open for inspection from noon to 6 p.m. today (Tuesday), at the Broadway Pier in Fells Point.  Not handicapped accessible, unfortunately, and no flipflops allowed - closed-toe shoes are required.  Even green groups have dress codes, it seems.

(Correction: The French government, after initially denying responsibility, admitted its involvement and paid Greenpeace restitution.  Greenpeace had been protesting French nuclear testing at the time.  The bombing killed a photographer with the group.)

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