Step 4: Test out: Once the work is done, your energy auditor will return and certify the work was completed.  Your energy auditor will submit the final paperwork to BGE for you to get your rebate. 

Step 5: Cash check: Your rebate check arrives 6 weeks after your final paperwork is mailed.

Step 6: Be happy: Enjoy a bit of happiness as you open your utility bill to see it’s lower than before.

Channel your inner financial tycoon

While adding insulation or installing a new thermostat isn’t free, improving your home’s energy efficiency is a smart financial decision. The key though is to make the go/no-go decision based on hard information reason, not guesses and emotion.

Just ask Mary McPherson of Baldwin, Maryland. “I knew my BGE bills were outrageous, but I assumed it was because my house is large,“ she said. McPherson’s energy audit revealed her 7,000 square-foot home was “super drafty”.  Her home’s blower door test, which measures the air leakage rate of a building, was 61 percent above normal levels.

“After the house was insulated and the ducts were sealed, my monthly energy bill has dropped $400,” said McPherson.

To put this in financial terms, McPherson’s project realized a profit of over 40 percent based on her $5,500 out-of-pocket investment, and her costs have been paid back in less than two years.

Baggan’s $2,500 upfront investment made him a 9 percent profit, and he will recoup his investment in 5 years.  Even Wall Street traders would salivate at these types of profits.  Click here to see the Baggan and McPherson energy audit photos and case studies.

“I realized I’d be crazy not to fix everything suggested on my energy audit because half the cost was covered by the BGE Home Performance with ENERGY STAR® rebates, Baggan said.  Other than an employer who contributes to a 401k, where can you find a deal like this?”

Consider adding your home to the Baggan and McPherson case study list - it’s a win-win for your checkbook, comfort and the environment. Or, if you have already made your home more energy wise, share your story in the comments section below.