50% wind 1 year contract    C.Q.I.

           50% wind 2 year contract   C.Q.I.

          100% wind 1 year contract  Ambit Energy

          100% wind 2 year contract  Clean Currents


There is no charge to switch from your utility’s standard rate to green electricity. You will receive a renewal letter when your contract term is up, and often firms offer discounts to retain you as a customer. But take note when the renewal notice hits your mailbox, or your account may be automatically renewed. 

Are these electric suppliers legit?

You will not be the first to switch; over 450,000 Maryland homes (close to 25 percent) have changed electricity suppliers. 

All Maryland electricity suppliers are registered with Maryland’s Public Service Utility Commission. And, the Maryland’s Office of People’s Counsel  keeps a close eye on this process for Maryland’s consumers.

(Full disclosure: Both B’More Green bloggers have switched to green electricity and pay standard residential green electricity rates available to the general public.)

6 steps to switching online:

1) Choose a green electricity supplier for your utility.

2) Choose the percentage of wind (50 or 100 percent).

3) Choose the contract length: 6 months, 1 or 2 years. Your rate is “locked-in” for this period.

4) Find your “Electric Choice ID #” located on the back of your electric utility bill, near the top.

5) Go to supplier’s web site, click on “residential” and then enter your zip code and information.

6) You will receive a “switch” letters from your new supplier and your utility confirming the switch and pricing plan.

If you’re the researcher type, here are some useful web sites to check out: E.P.A. Green Energy, Maryland Public Service Commission, Maryland’s Clean Energy Center (supplier list is outdated) and the Maryland’s Office of People’s Counsel.

One residential customer who switched had this to say: 

“It just made sense to switch to green electricity and it’s been no big deal," said Dr. Judy Grados of Woodstock. "It makes me feel good, I’m doing something to help the environment.

And for the time being, at least, you can save a little “real” green while also feeling greener.