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On the Bay: Advocacy group ranks Maryland #11 for solar efforts

Maryland ranked #11 in 2015 for embracing solar energy, according to a report by advocacy group Environment Maryland.

There was roughly one solar panel installed for every four people in Maryland last year, the organization said.

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Man-made oyster reefs in Choptank creek meeting benchmarks, NOAA report finds

As a Maryland panel prepares to decide whether to restart a stalled oyster restoration project, a similar effort in another Choptank River tributary is meeting early goals, a survey has found.

A dozen oyster reefs planted in the Harris Creek in 2011 and 2012 are all meeting a baseline target, hosting the bivalves at a density of at least 15 oysters per square meter.

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NSA construction project expected to impact traffic, environment, historic buildings

A major National Security Agency construction project on Fort George G. Meade could affect local traffic, environmental resources and two historic structures.

The Department of Defense seeks public comment on a draft environmental impact statement for its East Campus Integration Program, which will integrate NSA campuses on the installation.

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'Oyster wars:' Watermen aim to take back oyster bars as state panel reviews shellfish sanctuaries

Shells carrying millions of lab-grown baby oysters tumbled down the sides of a green-hulled boat named Robert Lee, and the $35,000 investment sank into the Choptank River where it widens to meet the Chesapeake.

The oysters, planted this past week, will grow there for two or three years before watermen scoop them back up and restaurants serve them fried or on ice.

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Maryland's black bear hunt extends into two more counties

Over the last 20 years, black bears have made a comeback in Maryland, particularly in the western part of the state, and, more recently, their range has started to expand to the exurbs and suburban areas. There have been black bear sightings in parts of Baltimore County for 10 years, and state biologists suspect that sows have started to give birth to cubs in western Montgomery County.

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Baltimore rowhouse wood gets new life as furniture

A plume of sawdust drifted around woodworker Jim Klausmeyer as he pulled a plank from a shelf, one of thousands of pieces of lumber in the Riverside shop.

The yellow pine in his hands is denser than what can be bought at most home stores, Klausmeyer said, pointing to the tight groupings of rings on the wood.

"Back in the day, these trees, they had time to grow," the 27-year-old said.

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