Slain rapper Lor Scoota aimed to break out of Baltimore with lyrics that reflected city reality

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EPA rules that air is unhealthy near Anne Arundel power plant, rejecting protests by state

Federal environmental regulators have ruled that a coal-burning power plant in northern Anne Arundel County is emitting unhealthy levels of the air pollutant sulfur dioxide, rejecting the Hogan administration's argument that the air is clean enough.

The Environmental Protection Agency said Friday that areas within about 17 miles of the Herbert A.

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Report: Crab numbers rebounding

Experts: Continued regulation could sustain progress

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University System of Maryland to direct its endowment away from fossil fuels

The foundation that oversees the state university system's $1 billion endowment said Tuesday that it will stop investing directly in coal, oil and natural gas companies — a victory for a student-led movement to direct more of the portfolio toward clean energy.

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As bee population dwindles, Howard clamps down on harmful pesticide use in parks

The county's Department of Recreation and Parks will limit the use of neonicotinoids — a class of chemicals linked to the steep decline of bees and other pollinators — on county parkland, joining a rare crop of jurisdictions in the country that have adopted similar policies.

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Perdue plans to reform its chicken welfare policies

The short lives of chickens raised by Perdue Foods will improve under what animal-rights activists called unprecedented animal welfare reforms announced Monday by the Salisbury-based poultry producer.

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Thanks to climate change, the Arctic is turning green

Earlier this month, NASA scientists provided a visualization of a startling climate change trend - the Earth is getting greener, as viewed from space, especially in its rapidly warming northern regions. And this is presumably occurring as more carbon dioxide in the air, along with warmer temperatures and longer growing seasons, makes plants very, very happy.

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