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Baltimore County solar-farm bill withdrawn

A Baltimore County councilman withdrew legislation Tuesday that would have regulated the emerging use of solar facilities on rural lands, saying council members could not agree on limits for the size of such projects.

Councilman Wade Kach's move came after months of discussion on the issue.

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Interior nominee Ryan Zinke disputes Trump on climate change

Donald Trump's choice to head the Interior Department on Tuesday rejected the president-elect's claim that climate change is a hoax, saying it is indisputable that environmental changes are affecting the world's temperature and human activity is a major reason.

"I don't believe it's a hoax," Rep. Ryan Zinke told the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee at his confirmation hearing.

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Maryland spends $1M a year to transport chicken litter, to the benefit of the Chesapeake — and poultry companies

— In one end of the long green warehouse come heaps of powdery, malodorous chicken manure. Out the other goes garden-ready fertilizer sold to golf courses or companies like Scotts, which bag it and markets it as Miracle Gro Organic Choice and other products.

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EPA tentatively rejects request from Maryland, other states, to act on interstate smog

The Environmental Protection Agency has tentatively denied a request from Maryland and seven other states that it crack down on pollution that blows across state borders — though not because regulators don't recognize that interstate smog is a problem.

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Study says every dollar spent on Maryland energy-efficiency program has saved $1.81

A state program that subsidizes investments in energy efficiency has saved utility customers $1.8 billion on their electricity bills by helping them reduce power usage and preventing the need for new power plants to be built, according to a nonprofit's research report released Wednesday.

Utilities including Baltimore Gas and Electric Co.

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Sen. Cardin has 'major concerns' with Pruitt for EPA

Sen. Ben Cardin said he had "major concerns" with President-elect Donald Trump's choice to the lead the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency after meeting with him on Tuesday.

The Maryland Democrat and member of the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works said he spoke with Oklahoma Attorney General E.

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