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Rank record: Mr. Trash Wheel gathers 1 millionth pound of trash from Jones Falls

In one of the more disgusting milestones in Baltimore history, the Inner Harbor's water wheel trash collector "Mr. Trash Wheel" has gathered its one millionth pound of cigarettes, trash and other debris from city waters.

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Maryland pension system begins weighing portfolio's carbon footprint

The managers of Maryland's pension fund have begun considering the effect their investments have on climate change and how to minimize the carbon footprint of the state's $45 billion portfolio.

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Counties' plans to cut water pollution prove 'rain tax' was unnecessary, Hogan says

State environmental officials signed off Tuesday on a list of projects aimed at reducing the amount of pollution that rain washes into the Chesapeake Bay.

But advocates for the environment said the efforts proposed by the state's 10 largest jurisdictions are inadequate to the job of restoring the estuary.


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Chasing gulls chasing the Chesapeake Bay anchovy

A morning of birds and fish, all signs pointing toward a healthier bay

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Baltimore County puts temporary halt to large solar fields on farms

The Baltimore County Council voted unanimously Monday to halt large-scale solar power projects on farmland for four months while the county considers rules for them.

Councilman Wade Kach pushed the measure in response to a growing interest among farmers in leasing their fields to energy companies seeking to install solar panel arrays.

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As massive solar farms blossom, officials face conflict between state energy policy and local preferences

HEBRON — On an isolated 100 acres of farmland where corn and soybeans once grew, a different sort of crop has sprouted — one that hums quietly when skies are clear.

The garden of thousands of photovoltaic panels, creaking occasionally as each one pivots like a sunflower watching the sun cross the sky, this year began powering 13,000 homes as one of the largest solar farms in the state, for now.

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