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Carroll County farmers enroll more than 40K acres in cover crops

Farmers do their part to help local waters, Chesapeake Bay

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Chesapeake Bay oyster recovery efforts get NOAA funding

Maryland DNR gets $800,000 for oyster hatchery efforts and monitoring

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Unhealthy air pollution forecast Wednesday

A "Code Orange" air quality alert is in effect Wednesday, meaning pollution levels will be unhealthy for some people.

High pressure is forecast over the region, with calm winds and abundant sunshine allowing levels of ozone and particulate matter to build. Ozone is a gas that is important in upper levels of the atmosphere but is a harmful byproduct of fossil fuel exhaust close to the ground.

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Roughly Speaking podcast: Tracking trash in the Chesapeake; Hogan’s eco-backslide (episode 143)

In this podcast: 

2:37/42:05: Julie Lawson, executive director of Trash Free Maryland, talks about the amount of micro-plastics her organization has found in the Chesapeake Bay and efforts underway to reduce the kind of pollution barely discernible to the eye.

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Baltimore County announces plan to install solar fields at four sites

Baltimore County plans to install solar panel arrays at four locations as part of a broad effort to improve energy efficiency and use more clean energy.

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Maryland fines coal power plants $1 million for polluting Potomac, Patuxent rivers

Maryland is fining the owner of two of the state's largest coal power plants $1 million for dumping too much nitrogen into the Potomac and Patuxent rivers, one of the largest penalties state environmental regulators have levied in years.

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