Deep-fried foods at Maryland State Fair, from bacon-wrapped Oreos to bugs

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Rollback of septic system requirements raises questions about bay impact

Some environmental advocates worry that a state plan to roll back regulations for septic systems in parts of Maryland could stall efforts to clean up the Chesapeake Bay.

But proponents of Gov.

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Raw sewage has been leaking into Baltimore's harbor for five days, city says

Untreated wastewater has been flowing from a hole in an East Baltimore sewer for at least five days, leaking more than 10,000 gallons of raw sewage into the harbor, while the city Department of Public Works continues to search for the cause, officials said Tuesday.

The overflow, discovered Thursday in the 21-inch sewer in the 1500 block of N.

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Feds to end investigation into Eastern Shore eagle poisonings for lack of evidence

Federal investigators still don't know who is responsible for poisoning 13 bald eagles on the Eastern Shore in February. Now, officials plan to end their search.

"We are intending to close the case in the near future due to a lack of evidence linking anyone to the crime," Neil Mendelsohn of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service said in a statement.

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Honey for charity: Roland Park beekeepers harvest 1,200 jars from local hives

The stickiest, most labor-intensive part of harvesting honey is also the most satisfying to watch.

A wooden frame covered on both sides with thick, sticky honeycomb is balanced over a large bucket, and the harvester carefully shaves off a thin top layer with a knife, exposing the viscous, golden liquid beneath.

Neighbors, friends and family members took turns carving the honeycomb in Dr.

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Gov. Hogan will roll back O'Malley-era septic rule, demands repeal of "road kill bill"

Gov. Larry Hogan said Saturday that his administration will roll back an O'Malley-era regulation on septic systems and demanded that the General Assembly repeal a new transportation law he dubbed "the road kill bill."

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Downpours Wednesday send more than 200,000 gallons of rainwater, sewage into Baltimore's harbor

More than 200,000 gallons of rainwater and sewage overflowed Wednesday night downtown at West Saratoga Street and Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard, the Department of Public Works said. The rainwater and sewage washed into storm drains then into Baltimore's harbor.

Downpours Wednesday night caused the overflow near where a sewer collapsed in July.

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