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Assembly passes bill to block state from opening oyster sanctuaries to harvest

State lawmakers have quashed talks over whether and how to open Chesapeake Bay oyster sanctuaries to harvest, passing a bill that blocks any changes to the protected areas' boundaries for nearly two years.

The measure, approved by veto-proof margins, comes as Republican Gov.

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Trump tosses Obama plan to cut greenhouse gases, embraces coal

President Donald Trump on Tuesday abandoned former President Barack Obama's policies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions — a move Maryland Democrats pledged to challenge in court and on Capitol Hill as a threat to public health and the climate.

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Maryland lawmakers give final OK to extension of energy efficiency program

Maryland lawmakers gave final approval Tuesday to an extension of the state's EmPOWER energy efficiency program.

A coalition of businesses sent a letter to Gov. Larry Hogan urging him to sign the bill, which also has been championed by environmental advocates.

The House of Delegates and state Senate earlier had earlier approved versions of the EmPOWER bill by veto-proof margins.

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Maryland General Assembly approves fracking ban

The Maryland General Assembly on Monday gave final passage to a ban on fracking in the state, sending the measure to Gov. Larry Hogan for his promised signature.

Environmental advocates and climate change activists have pressed for years to ban the controversial form of drilling for natural gas also known as hydraulic fracturing, which had been proposed in Western Maryland.

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Annapolis City Council to vote on reforestation legislation

Bill will require developers to replant each acre of tree they cut down

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Trump to begin reversing Obama-era cutbacks in carbon dioxide

The Trump administration will issue an executive order on Tuesday that begins dismantling a rule under former President Barack Obama that slashed carbon dioxide emissions and discouraged coal-fired electricity, U.S. environmental chief Scott Pruitt said.

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