Looking Out: Gay marriage makes strides in France

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As part of this blog's effort to provide LGBT-related news and commentary, we'll be bringing you links to stories from around the web in a weekly feature called Looking Out.

Here's a look at what's making a splash today:

-- Same-sex marriage has made pretty high-profile strides in the last three weeks, but things are picking up across the Atlantic, too. France's gay marriage law has been deemed constitutional by the nation's constitutional council. Here's the real takeaway: Soon you'll be able to get legally hitched with the Eiffel Tower as a backdrop. Quelle magnifique...

-- Months after Puerto Rico's highest court upheld the territory's gay adoption ban, the Puerto Rican Senate approved a bill banning discrimination against LGBT individuals in employment, public accommodations and government services. The commonwealth has a mixed track record when it comes to gay rights, with sizable opposition coming from social conservatives. Meanwhile, San Juan continues to be the gay epicenter of the Caribbean. (I lived and worked there for two months, and their Pride is something to behold.)

-- Out in New Mexico, a Catholic school has told a transgender student he must wear female graduation attire in next week's commencement ceremony. Per KRQE in Albuquerque, Damian Garcia has legally changed his name to reflect his gender identity, and his parents, teachers and fellow students have followed suit. Still, the superintendent of his high school has indicated that Garcia can wear a girl's graduation gown, or not walk at his commencement at all.

-- On a lighter note, openly gay actor Scott Thompson (now on "Hannibal," formerly on "Kids in the Hall") spoke with Vulture about his career and had some intriguing remarks about gay male culture:

"When I was young, homosexuals were interesting and flawed. ... Now all the regular folks are gay and we don’t seem as interesting any longer. I guess that’s progress. I wouldn’t want to have to go back to the time where I had to hide everything."

Do you have any thoughts on these stories?

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