Former Raven Ayanbadejo to speak on LGBT equality in Westminster

The Baltimore Sun

Former Ravens linebacker and marriage equality advocate Brendon Ayanbadejo will speak about his support of LGBT rights at McDaniel College in Westminster tonight, Oct. 16.

In an hour-long Q&A session, Ayanbadejo will discuss his journey from the football field to equal rights advocate, according to a press release.

Since being released by the Ravens in April, Ayanbadejo has been working with LGBT advocacy groups. In August, he edited the Washington Blade's "sports issue" and has since been contributing to the Fox Sports website. (He has also been actively supplementing his Fox commentary on Twitter, where occasionally his observations run more absurdist than analytical.)

According to the release, Ayanbadejo "sees the fight to legalize same-sex marriage as the 21st century version of the fight for racial equality."

If you're interested in attending, you can find more details - and a pretty attractive photo of the former Ravens linebacker - on McDaniel's website.


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