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Map: Gay marriage laws by state

As attitudes about gay marriage have evolved over time, a patchwork of laws and state constitutional amendments regulating the practice has spider-webbed across the country. An equally patchwork series of pending legal challenges and decisions at various levels of the court system striking down the remaining bans have left many marriages in legal limbo.

A 2014 decision by the U.S. Supreme Court functionally legalized gay marriage in many states when the court refused to hear cases passed up from federal courts that had struck down marriage bans. The court has again taken up gay marriage cases, with arguments to be heard in April and a decision likely in June, which should answer the question of whether the right of same-sex couples to marry is fundamental, or one that can be banned or regulated at a state level.

Banned, but challenged in court.

Ban struck down, marriages stayed pending appeals.

Affected by recent SCOTUS decision, gay marriage possible soon.

Gay marriage is legal.

Map by Charles J. Johnson and Kurt Gessler with the help of Google Fusion tables. Sources: The Pew Forum, the New York Times, Lambda Legal.

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