But she intends to capitalize on the trend. Moore, who will be hosting a trunk show at Hats In The Belfry today and Friday, has increased her fascinator stock by 20 percent.

"Hats are still more popular than the fascinator," Moore said. "But I think that people should definitely go with the trend while the trend is current."

As for the more traditional hats, other elements of the royal wedding will reign.

"We are going to sell even more medium-brim, tailored hats," Moore said. "We are going to sell more because of the English influence. Nobody is going to follow the queen's matchy-matchy feel. There will be more of the angular line."

Fascinators and other tailored hats have been extremely popular at The Boulevard Boutique at DeBois Textiles. In the past two weeks, customers have been flocking to the vintage warehouse's hat selection to try on fascinators, pillboxes and tailored hats.

"They are moving," said store owner Reanna Jacobs. "Now especially after the royal wedding everyone is trying them on. When they are trying on the hats, they are all talking about the royal wedding."

The customers are even going so far as talking in British accents to get into the mood.

"They are talking in accents, saying, 'It's brilliant' and 'It's fabulous.' It's great," Jacobs said with a laugh.

Jacobs hopes the hat-wearing trend will expand past Preakness.

"Hats are really not a part of our wardrobe," Jacobs explained. "We accessorize with a bag or belt. It's not something you wear except for Easter and church. They are really cool. It is really alluring and attractive to see all ages wearing it — not just older women."


Fascinators: A how-to guide

Popular colors: Red and coral appear to be the most popular colors for fascinators this season.

Fascinator hair type: Moore suggests women wrap their hair around the fascinator band so you can't see the fabric underneath, a la Kate Middleton.

Buy the dress first: It's easier to find a dress than a good hat in Baltimore. Our experts suggests that you purchase the hat first and find a dress to match it.

Wear a ponytail when wearing a hat: A ponytail helps the shape of the hat, according to Moore. "Pull the hat brim down to the eyebrow so that your forehead is covered," Moore said. "Let the hat act as your bang."