Irwin Sternberg, the designer behind Jerry Garcia Neck Wear, MADD Cocktail Ties and Jimmy V Foundation Doodle Ties, has teamed up with scientists to create a colorful scarf that raises cancer awareness. The 100 percent silk scarf is inspired by the molecular structures of a biomarker for breast cancer as seen under the microscope. Sternberg turned to local Victor Rossi designer, Manish Singh, to produce the garment. The result is a winner, according to Sternberg. 'The scarves are an intersection of science, art and fashion and are a beautiful representation of the hope behind the amazing work of Dr. [Linda] Malkas and her partners to identify a cure for breast cancer," Sternberg says. A portion of sales from the scarves will fund research, educational, social and health care needs of breast cancer patients. Find the 36" x 36" scarf ($50) and the 28" x 72" scarf ($70) at and
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