Ma Petite Shoe owner opens boutique specializing in socks

Susannah Siger, the owner of Ma Petite Shoe, is opening up a new boutique next door to her Hampden business that specializes in socks.

Ma Petite Shoe’s Sock Shop will launch this week with a Sock Hop event, part of Hampden's monthly First Fridays that feature promotions and gatherings at local businesses.

Siger will be joined Friday by Susan Costa-Walston, the Baltimore-based owner and creator of Lily Trotters compression socks, which will be sold at the new store. Lily Trotters was started in 2015 through a crowd-sourcing effort.

“I call the Sock Shop my happy place. I’m so excited to launch a new business that compliments our beloved shoes and chocolate. It’s energizing to work with a fellow woman entrepreneur who, like me, started with a dream and made it happen here in Baltimore…we are creative kindred spirits in that regard,” Siger said in a statement.

In addition to Lily Trotters, the new shop will sell a variety of brands including: Look from London, a Brooklyn-based brand that specializes in printed hosiery and specialty-dyed fishnets; Fil de Jour, a brand of tights, knee highs and gloves designed in France and made in France and Italy; Peony and Moss, a small independent Seattle-based company that gives a pair of socks to someone in need for each sock purchased; Sock It Up, an LA-based company featuring textured and detailed socks for men and women; and Good Luck Socks, a Canadian-based sock company primarily for men.

Attend Sock Hop from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. Friday at Ma Petite Shoe’s Sock Shop, 830 W. 36th Street in Hampden. Call 410-235-3442. Ma Petite Shoe is located next door in Hampden at 832 W 36th Street.

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