Overreaction to white attire at wedding shocking

If you make a call, make sure you are all ears

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Dear Amy: I attended a wedding recently and was shocked to see that the groom's stepmother and her daughter were both wearing solid-white-and-cream-colored dresses.

Call me old-fashioned, but I was taught by my mother that no one wears white to a wedding.

It is the bride's special day to shine and that color is reserved for her, right?

Has the etiquette regarding this changed? I can understand an unknowing guest accidentally wearing white, but members of the family who are so prominently displayed with the wedding party?

At first I thought I was the only one shocked by this, but everyone sitting at my table at dinner seemed equally horrified.

I was even more shocked when I learned that the stepmother is a knowledgeable event planner.

If it was a deliberate attempt to show up the bride, it failed miserably.

— Shocked in Seattle

Dear Shocked: To answer your queries: This should not rise to the level of "shocking," much less horrifying.

A basic rule of etiquette has been broken, however. By you.

It is unkind, ungenerous, and — yes — rude for you to judge what color clothing family members choose to wear at a wedding at which you are an invited guest.

Leave the unkind fashion assessments to Joan Rivers on the red carpet. She wears this sort of mock horror well.

You? Not so much.

I can't brand you "old-fashioned," because I associate old-fashioned people with more positive qualities and values than you display here.

Dear Amy: I have a couple of friends who often telephone me from their workplaces.

During the course of our conversations, I can hear them typing furiously at their keyboards.

Their comments are very distracted-sounding and vague, so I can tell they aren't really into our conversation, even though it's about a topic they initiated. After all, they made the call!

I believe their typing while talking to me is incredibly rude.

If they type for more than a few minutes in duration, I say, "It sounds like you're really busy. Why don't you call me back when you have a few minutes free?"

They'll say, "No, it's fine," and then continue!

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