Find and report potholes in the Baltimore area

Problems with axle-rattling potholes? Tell us — and other drivers — where they are, and we'll chart the potholes around the Baltimore area. You can report a pothole in need of repair in the city by calling 311 or by completing an online service request here.

How to mark a pothole

1. Locate your pothole on the map below. Use the tools in the upper left corner of the map to move around the window or zoom in and out. When you've found the right spot, click on it.
2. Fill out the form that pops up, being sure to include as many details as you can. If you have a photo, you can upload it. Click "Save".
3. You can add information or comments to an existing pothole report by clicking on its marker.
4. Having trouble marking a pothole or uploading a photo? Contact our community coordinators via e-mail with questions or comments, or send a location and photo and we'll update the map.