M-Edge launches new movie-themed iPad3 accessories

Just in time for the launch of the highly anticipated iPad3 and following the success of international hit "Girl With The Dragon Tattoo," Odenton-based M-Edge has channeled the feel of the Oscar-nominated movie through a line of protective covers inspired by lead character Lisbeth Salander.

The three covers, available in a black-on-black studded design, a heavy metallic color and a mohawk profile of Salander, are currently being sold through the company's web site ranging in price from $45 to $50. A company spokesperson said the new product for the iPad3 would be available in 21 days.

"We really try to focus on trendy products along with the newest devices on the market," said Sarah Windham, PR representative for M-Edge.

Because details of the new iPad3 have been closely guarded, companies like M-Edge have to wait with the rest of the public for details about the new product. In September, when Kindle released a slew on new devices, M-Edge was able to create and produce protective accessories within 21 days.

"Until we know, we'll move forward with production," Windham explained.

M-Edge, which specializes in protective covers for hand-held devices, is marketing the accessories for fashion-forward "chic geeks." The covers offer the same "industrial strength" as the Salander character, the company promises.

M-Edge, which debuted in 2006, has been among the first to capitalize on the protective cover trend. The company is known for its innovative designs that draw from fashion and popular culture. The company recently worked with two fashion designers to incorporate current and future trends through its designs. As a result, the company revealed the Salander-inspired designs and a new line of products coming this spring featuring bright neon colors.


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