Of the framed jerseys she shows off, this is her favorite, "because we just get along really well," she says. "Kobe texts [me] and checks in about Sam — 'How's he doing?' [or] 'How are your holidays? How's the summer doing?' We just get along really well. It goes beyond basketball."

Red leather chair and ottoman

"I got that in San Francisco. It is so comfortable to me. You just sit and sink into it," Salters says. "And I love that it's red. My room is not red. But that chair [provides] the pop of red that I like."

The flag that covered the casket of Catherine LaVeice Shelton

Her favorite aunt, who died in 1991, had been a member of the Women's Army Corps during World War II. "We went on all of our family vacations with her. And it seems that I grew up and have lived a similar life," Salters says. "When good things happen, I still [will say] 'Veice' — I called her Veice — 'you'll never guess what happened. Guess what happened at this game?' ... My [biggest] regret is that she never met Sam."

Sam's rattle

Sam was born in March, and Salters went on leave for several months. "So, when 'Monday Night Football' started, it was me also going back to work again," she says. Before each game, "I take Sam's rattle and I kiss it. ... That's my good-luck charm."

Her favorite of all her "Monday Night Football" coats this season

Each year an ESPN wardrobe consultant works with designer Max Mara on Salters' wardrobe, planning multiple options for each game. She's given a book in June that lays out the season's ensembles. It tells her, "This is the game, these are the teams playing, this is the climate, this is what you're supposed to wear, and this is a picture of you in it, in case you forgot what that looks like." Salters also tries to make sure she's not wearing colors of the teams playing that week. "That happened once. Thankfully, it was a preseason game here in Baltimore. I was wearing a light-blue sweater. ... Someone from the Ravens said, 'You're wearing Carolina Panthers colors.' And I was like, 'Oh jeez.' "

Samick baby grand piano

Though Salters hasn't taken lessons she was 17, she still plays to relax. "It's just something to sit there with a glass of wine and tinker. Sam likes to sit on my lap and bang on the keys, as well. I've always loved the piano, because — to me — it's the sexiest instrument that there is. It commands the room. At a symphony, it commands the stage."