What about people who say, "You're not a nutritionist, you're not a certified fitness instructor. Why should we take your advice?"

I have lifelong experience. I know what works for me. I know what works for other people I've shared this with. This is something I've been passionate about my entire adult life. And I've gotten endorsements from cardiologists. They think it's good enough. I think we get caught up in these quick fixes that actually end up being more harmful to people than not. I have a very back-to-basics approach that's sustainable over time.

Do you find it more difficult to keep fit as you get older and your metabolism changes?

I do find that if I gain two or three pounds, it's harder for me to lose it than in the past. The scale is your friend. We all fool ourselves that our jeans shrank in the dryer. Weigh yourself, so you know if you need to cut back.

With three children, how do you navigate their busy schedules and still make time for all your projects?

I work between 8:15 [a.m.] and 2:30 [p.m.], and once the kids are out of school, it's nonstop with them. Family is my priority. I'm always behind on my emails.

People are interested in your family. What is your current status? Are you divorced? Getting divorced?

We are separated. Mayo has a home 2.4 miles away. We still love each other and spend time together as a family. There was no animosity in our parting. We have no immediate plans to divorce. Separating was not part of my life plan, but we are in a good place. Neither of us is in a serious relationship with another person. Who knows? Maybe we'll get back together some day.

You say you have been making so-called bucket lists every New Year's Day since you were 18. What's on your list this year?

This year, my list includes selling lots of copies of my book, going to Niagara Falls, going back to the Grand Canyon, taking tap-dancing classes with [daughter] Lillian.

A bucket list prevents our life from vanishing before us. It causes us to pause, to think, to act. It's a way of really thinking, 'What do I want to accomplish this year.' Failure is in the not-trying. The worst thing that can happen is you try and it won't work.