The surprising success of N.Y. Knicks' guard Jeremy Lin has become one of the year's best sports/human interest stories  -- and e-book authors are rushing to cash in on it.

Lin, an Asian-American who graduated from Harvard, wasn't drafted by an NBA team and was cut by two teams before finding a spot far down the Knicks' bench. Injuries to other players gave him a chance to start, and he has been phenomenal ever since (except for Thursday's disaster against the Miami Heat).

Whenever there's a good story, publishers won't be far behind. And the advent of e-books has made it much easier for authors to cash in. I imaginesome of these writers pounding away on their laptops at halftime of a Knicks game, and wrapping it up by the time the final buzzer sounds.

As the GalleyCat blog noted, the list of e-books about Lin is long -- and quickly growing longer. Some are quickie bios such as "Linsanity: The Improbable Rise of Jeremy Lin" or "Call Me Jeremy."

Others are specialty books. There's What are jeremy Lin's favorite Pastries? TurnOver's!" And "Motivational Words from Jeremy Lin," with this nugget of locker room wisdom: “We relish being the underdog. We love having something to prove, and I think we proved it tonight”

What do you want in three weeks? "To Kill a Mockingbird"?




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