Orchestral instrumental portion

Of course, kids only seem different these days because everything is different. We have driven the kids from the streets to their rooms where they make virtual contact with friends. They play games with classmates without leaving their bedroom. They carry on simultaneous conversations without opening their mouths. And who can blame them?

Nanci Griffith/"It's a Hard Life Wherever You Go"

Instrumental intro

If they venture out, they must accept all due warning. Don't go there, be careful, and remember there's a curfew.

What makes kids today different? As the world closes in around them, there are fewer places to hide, and the deeper they dig within themselves, the harder it is to reach them.

Nanci Griffith/"It's a Hard Life Wherever You Go"

Lyric (at the end of the song where she sings): There ain't no place in this world for these kids to go.

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