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Local musician recovering after being hit by a truck while biking

A local musician and Bun Shop barista is recovering after he was hit by a truck while cycling last Tuesday.

Kaleb Baerresen, 25, was hit by a truck at Howard and 29th streets at about noon Aug. 22 while biking to a job interview at R. House in Remington.

Baerresen suffered head trauma, including bleeding in his brain, facial fractures, multiple hip and pelvis fractures, a broken left arm and broken left foot. He was taken to Johns Hopkins Hospital, where he underwent multiple surgeries on his brain, hip and broken limbs.

“When he woke up he didn’t have any memory,” said his girlfriend, Alecia Thomasson, 21. “He didn’t recognize me or his mom.”

He spent four days in Hopkins’ neurosciences critical care unit, and was asleep for two and half days before waking up, Thomasson said. He initially struggled with speech and memory, but Thomasson said both have improved in the last few days.

“His memory seems to be fully back,” she said.

He also recently began physical therapy.

Thomasson created a YouCaring crowdfunding campaign to help with his medical expenses, potential legal fees and rent while he is out of work recovering. As of Monday the fundraiser had amassed more than $9,400 of a $15,000 goal.

“It’s definitely taken a lot of the stress off,” Thomasson said.

Baerresen, who worked at the Bun Shop in Mount Vernon, is part of two different music projects in Baltimore. His solo project, Fuchsia Casual, focuses on smooth “dreamy synth” ’80s-style pop. He also plays guitar and sings in the surf rock band Lavender Tone.

Thomasson said she expects him to be in the hospital for at least two more weeks.

The Baltimore Police Department confirmed the accident, but a report was not immediately available.



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