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John Waters weighs in on the best movies of 2017

The proudly individualistic John Waters did something perhaps a bit out-of-the-ordinary this year, choosing a box-office success as his best film of 2017.

In a list published on artforum.com, Waters chose Edgar Wright’s “Baby Driver,” starring Ansel Elgort as a reluctant getaway driver whose skills are linked to the song he’s listening to, as the year’s top film.

“The best movie of the year is a popcorn thriller, an art film, and a gearhead classic that grossed over $100 million,” Waters wrote. “It deserved to! Watching the star turn of Ansel Elgort was like seeing John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever for the first time.”

Other movies that made Waters’ list included Petr Kazda and Tomas Weinreb's "I, Olga Hepnarova," Christopher Radcliff and Lauren Wolkstein's "The Strange Ones," Bertrand Bonello's "Nocturama," Todd Haynes’ “Wonderstruck,” Cristian Mungiu's “Graduation,” fellow Baltimorean Barry Levinson’s “The Wizard of Lies,” William Oldroyd's "Lady Macbeth," Woody Allen's "Wonder Wheel" and Dome Karukoski's “Tom of Finland.”



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