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Did you lose your wedding ring at the Senator? Theater finds ring between seats

A lost wedding ring, found between the seats at Baltimore’s Senator Theatre two weeks ago, is still waiting to be claimed.

The curved gold ring was found during routine maintenance, and could have been lost at any time since new seats were installed at the theater about four years ago. Its picture was promptly placed on the Senator’s Facebook page, in a post that has been shared numerous times since.

But as of Thursday morning, the ring remains an orphan.

Customers are always leaving stuff behind when the movies are over, Senator owner Kathleen Cusack Lyon said. “They’d leave their heads there, if it wasn’t connected to their body.”

But a wedding ring is something special, and the theater’s staff is doing everything it can to see it gets reunited with the finger it once adorned.

So far, Lyon said, no one has claimed the ring. Not even somebody trying to take advantage of the situation and get themselves a valuable piece of jewelry for free.

“All people have been doing is being helpful,” Lyon said, largely by spreading the word.

(And if the ring isn’t yours, don’t get any ideas. It contains an inscription — sadly, not the owner’s name — that any claimant will have to know to get it back.)

Of course, it’s possible the marriage the ring commemorates has ended since it was lost, or whoever once owned it has replaced it and moved on.

But hope springs eternal. Losing a wedding ring is no small deal; maybe some distraught finger out there is still pining away, hoping to be reunited with the ring it so loved.

“We’re just going to hold onto it and hope its owner turns up,” Lyon said.

If you think the ring might be yours, you can email the Senator at or call 410-727-3456.

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