East Baltimore family featured on 'Family Feud' loses to Minneapolis family Thursday night

The Ramsey family of East Baltimore appeared on “Family Feud” Thursday night, in hopes of taking home $20,000. But despite their motto “#turnup,” which family member Nicole Credle said they used throughout the show’s airing, the Ramseys turned down. They didn’t win or advance to the next round.

Their competitors, the Majkozak family of Minneapolis, Minn., which advanced from an earlier episode, proved to be stiff competition, dominating several categories before moving onto the Fast Money round, which requires two members of the same team to answer the same categories at separate times in hopes of getting a cumulative 200 points on the board.

But the Majkozak team lost by less than 15 points, falling short on the host Steve Harvey’s category that required them to name an item of clothing that stays on in the heat of a passionate moment. One member said, “socks,” which was featured on the board as the most popular answer, while the other said “shirt,” which wasn’t enough to win the Fast Money round.

The Ramseys, which consisted of five first cousins, Frederick Ramsey, Mark-Anthony Montgomery, Nicole Credle, Shannon Ramsey-Floyd and Quinton Singleton, started off strong, however, completing the first shockingly edgy category which required members to name a thing “a dog does to a bone that a woman might try to do to her husband.”

The Ramseys ultimately lost their grip in the second category, which asked members to say a question they thought women frequently asked Harvey.

But Credle, who spoke to the Baltimore Sun last week, said the family had fun regardless of the outcome.

“The show was absolutely amazing. What we can say is the production ... they are true to the word ‘family.’ It was a great family atmosphere,” Credle said last week, emphasizing that there was a lot on and off camera that changed her family members’ lives.

“Steve Harvey — his encouragement … it was a life-changing experience that we’ll never forget,” Credle said.

And though it’s not all about winning, Baltimore has another shot at “Family Feud” next week. The Newmans, another Baltimore family, will compete at 6 p.m. Sept. 28 p.m. on WBFF Fox 45 in hopes of winning $20,000.




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