John Waters releases album 'Make Trouble,' featuring 2015 RISD commencement speech

If you enjoyed seeing John Waters deliver his viral commencement speech at Rhode Island School of Design in 2015, or loved the published version in his book “Make Trouble,” now you can enjoy it in a different format.

The Baltimore filmmaker has released the audio version of the speech in its entirety on his new album, also titled “Make Trouble.”

Released Sept. 8, the album features snippets of Waters recounting getting into “Pot Trouble at NYU,” skipping school in “Playing Hookie,” and insisting that boredom is the mortal enemy of students in “Bored to Death.”

It’s now available to stream on music platforms, including Apple Music and Spotify, and will be released in 7-inch vinyl on Oct. 6. Pre-orders can be made on the Third Man Records website for $6.


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