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Despite 'Voice' elimination, Baltimore singer Davon Fleming said it's just the beginning

Baltimore singer Davon Fleming was eliminated from NBC’s “The Voice” on Tuesday, but Fleming, who started the singing reality competition strong — with rave reviews from judges and a noteworthy shoe-throw and showstopping duet courtesy of award-winning singer Jennifer Hudson — is optimistic about what the future holds.

“It’s just another journey where I’m going to next,” said Fleming, who performed a range of iconic songs this season, including Whitney Houston’s “I Have Nothing” and “Me and Mr. Jones” by Amy Winehouse.

Fleming emphasized that he’ll continue making music, carrying on his signature soul, R&B and pop fusion sound with a nod to his gospel roots, but he hopes to expand upon his experience on the show, exploring other forms of entertainment, including acting and hosting.

“I want to inspire people. … I’ve grown so much, and I want to be able to show that,” said Fleming, who shed light on his hometown while on the show. He dedicated his performance of Beyonce’s “Love On Top” to Baltimore, and he’s hoping to bring the knowledge of the music industry and his connections back to the city and local schools, he said.

Fleming credits the support he’s received from family and fans across the world and the valuable critiques that he’s received from judges for his success. He’s particularly grateful for his relationship with Hudson.

“I started an original J-Hud member and left a J-Hud member,” Fleming said proudly, adding how invested Hudson was as a judge.

“She was always concerned [with] how I was doing as a person first,” and she offered valuable insight on the ins and outs of the reality show competition, he said. (Before the Grammy and Academy awards, Hudson competed in Season 3 of the singing competition “American Idol.”)

“Till the day I die, I’m team J-Hud,” he said.

Despite being eliminated after his soulful rendition of John Mayer’s song “Gravity,” Fleming said “win or lose, that performance was a moment for me.”

“I was able to show a side of myself that I was never able to show before,” said Fleming, who went into the performance with a goal to show what his “soul sounded like” and to disprove the assumption that he could only perform songs by female singers.

Fleming, who makes it known that there’s nothing he can’t sing, said he would have loved to have included a song by a male singer earlier in the competition. Still, “I’m satisfied with everything I presented, from song choice to where I landed on the charts,” he said. His rendition of “Gravity” earned him the top spot on iTunes’ R&B and Soul Tracks chart as of Thursday morning.

“I showed America I can do female songs and do male songs and make it work for me. I’m so glad I left with that performance,” said Fleming, adding that he feels like he already won.

“This isn't the end. It’s just the start of many more greater opportunities,” he said, and music is definitely coming. He’d be selfish, he said, not to give people what the people are asking for.




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