Bear cub found on a porch in Western Maryland causes internet stir

Casey Love said seeing bears in his town of Lonaconing, Maryland — just west of Cumberland — is a pretty regular occurrence.

“[The bears] come and take the bird feeders down. They get into the pond and get the apples out of the yard,” he said. He even remembers one coming to his garage.

But one bear cub has received exceptional fanfare this week after it was found taking a stroll on Love’s neighbor’s porch.

“It was literally just walking around the banister just as a cat would do when you’re coming home,” said Love, 31.

Love said he was helping his neighbor lift a lawnmower from his truck on Monday when they spotted a cub the size of a small Labrador puppy.

Looking into the woods behind the home, Love said the cub’s mother was nowhere in sight.

“We were more or less worried about the safety of the bear,” Love said, and so they decided to carefully remove the cub from the porch and away from the road.

They placed it in a tree nearby the woods and called the Department of Natural Resources. The cub was tagged, so the DNR staff was able to use a radio tracker to locate the mother bear, who was wearing a tracking collar, Love said.

Love posted the pictures and video on Facebook, which received more than 400 shares and myriad comments — most featuring heart-eyed emojis and people expressing their concern for the bear.

“I never knew a little bear cub would be so popular,” Love said.

But he has gotten some criticism for the photos — many people were upset that they picked the bear up. Love said that, though he knows it is advised to never go near a bear, he noticed it was frightened and wanted to be sure that it was safe.

“We did it literally to get it out of the roadway,” he said. “We did what we thought was the best judgment.”

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